What kind of food does Penelope serve?

We serve the coziest of comfort foods. Just like your mom used to make.

Are there vegetarian options?

Yes we have many options, please refer to our menus.

Do you accept reservations?

We do not currently accept reservations of any kind. 

Are you a nearby neighbor? Then download the Yelp app and you can add your name to our list when we’re running a wait.

What is the average waiting time for a table?

During daytimes our wait time varies, but it is best to get here early to guarantee a seat. Please note, we only seat complete parties during peak hours. Dinners tend to be a little more cozy and you'll generally have an easier time finding a table.

Are you a nearby neighbor? Then download the Nowait app by Yelp where you can add your name to our list when we’re running a wait.

Can you accommodate large groups?

Yes, however we only seat complete parties. Please note, a group of 10 or more may be asked to split into multiple tables.

Do you host private parties?

We're down with that. Evening events are available whenever we are able to accommodate. To inquire please email info@penelopenyc.com


Can I eat at the bar?

Our full menu is always offered at the bar. Bar seating is first come first served. During brunch hours the bar is reserved exclusively for our dining customers.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We happily accept all major credit cards and possibly also seashells, if they're deemed valuable.

Who’s in your kitchen?

We are happy and proud to have a lovely team of worker bees with us.


When does the kitchen open and close?

Monday through Friday we serve Breakfast 8AM until 11:45AM, Lunch from 12PM until 4PM, and Dinner from 6PM-10PM with a Happy Hour daily from 4-7PM.

On Saturdays and Sundays we serve brunch 8AM until 4PM and Dinner from 6PM-10PM with our Happy Hour in the middle from 4PM to 7PM.

We serve our brunch menu on Monday bank holidays from 8AM until 4PM.

Does Penelope deliver?

We do. Order HERE!

Please order directly from us through this site or by calling us. We (along with virtually every locally-owned restaurant) tremendously benefit when you ignore high-commission third party sites like Seamless and GrubHub. We know they are super convenient for customers but they take an unsustainably high portion of every order. They pit restaurants against each other in a bidding war of higher-commissions for better placement in your search results. The awesome convenience seen by you, the customer, is matched only by the outrageously poor relationship they offer to their restaurant partners. No kidding, when the Seamless/GrubHub rep pitched us on joining their site he openly boasted about how little they care when restaurants ask for lower commissions. That is a true story. Why do restaurants partner with them? Because they have a huge customer-base and it's difficult to ignore the volume, even if it means working your staff much harder just to maintain the slimmest of margins. Ordering directly from small businesses allows us to keep our prices out of the stratosphere. Thank you. *steps off soap box* 


Yes. Please ask the host (or ring the doorbell) and we will accommodate you.

Can I bring in a cake?

We offer a delicious range of homemade treats made by our baker, Victoria Benjamin. Please call ahead at least 24 hours to order a cake for your special occasion, we will bring it to your table.
If you opt to bring in your own dessert, you will be charged a $15 fee.

When did Penelope open?

Penelope opened in 2003 to a warm and welcoming neighborhood.

Are you hiring?

Penelope is always looking to meet talented and experienced smiley-pants peeps to join our team. Please send a résumé to info@penelopenyc.com

What are the closest subways?

6 to 28th Street or 33rd Street
B, D, F, M, Q to 34th Street Herald Square
N, R, to 28th Street

Where can I park?

There is a parking garage located on 31st Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. There is metered parking on the street but it is not always easy to find a spot.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes you may. Step on into our shoppe!


$15 per bottle.

Does Penelope have a high chair?

We do, however unattended children will be given triple espressos.